In accordance with the European Commission’s Communication published on 1 April 2011, the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union will also seek greater emphasis on critical information infrastructure protection in the future across Europe and in the world at the Telecom Ministerial Conference hosted in Balatonfüred, Hungary, on 14-15 April 2011.

International partnership and collaboration between Member States is a key to success, since Member State information infrastructure is interconnected and interdependent. The uninterrupted operation of information infrastructures is crucial for secure business activity and the protection of civilian interests. Accordingly, the Hungarian Presidency’s aim is to promote dialogue between the ministers of Member States on infrastructure protection and contribute to improvement through the adoption of Council Conclusions.

European citizens are reluctant to engage in increasinly sophisticated online activities (a result of improved ultra fast networks), unless they feel that they can fully rely upon their networks. Europe – and the Hungarian Presidency – must therefore address the rise of new forms in cybercrime and the identification of preventive methods, and develop response mechanisms. Simultaneously, we have to face new challenges with regard to the protection of European citizens’ fundamental rights to personal data and privacy.

The Internet has now become such a critical information infrastructure for individuals, and for the European economy as a whole, that our IT systems and networks must be resilient to and protected against all sort of new threats at a pan-European level. Enhanced international co-operation is also imperative and must be promoted in this field.

Collaboration and mutual action at European and international level is a top priority.

This is the main objective of the Telecom Ministerial Conference and the exchange of views organised under the auspices of the Hungarian Presidency to be held on 14-15 April 2011 in Balatonfüred, Hungary. In addition to high-level Commission representatives and ministers form the Member States, American and Japanese decision-makers will also attend the event. The Hungarian Presidency is also planning to adopt Council Conclusions in the subject at the TTE Council on 27 May, 2011.

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